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Bare Minimum Ceramics

Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle

Bundle of 3 Palo Santo Sticks

Believed to help cleanse the mind and ward off bad energy, Palo Santo emits a naturally aromatic smoke that comes from the tree's resin.
Simply hold the stick over a flame for 30–60 seconds, blow out the lit stick and enjoy a calming moment.
These Palo Santo sticks are 100% Natural and Sustainably Harvested. These ultra fragrant Palo Santo sticks are harvested from trees that have fallen, and are never cut down by force. The village that farms and collects these trees are accredited by the Peruvian Government.  

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Imperfectly Perfect

Just as we humans have blemishes, wrinkles & scars it only makes sense that the art created by human hands has blemishes, wrinkles & scars. Or what I like to call "beauty marks"  When buying handmade products there is this understanding. A single ball of clay transformed into functional art-- these pieces were carried with hands from the start. From my mood to the weather to the time of day has an effect on your handmade items. Each piece is made with intention & care. There may be slight variations in shape, size,  glaze and I can't help but think that it's a beautiful thing to be perfectly imperfect.

All products are food safe unless stated otherwise

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