Bare Minimum Ceramics is owned and operated by me, Carter Camille. A born and raised South Dakotan girl that now resides in Bozeman, MT. Pottery began as a hobby that quickly turned into a passion. I currently work out of a community studio space in downtown Bozeman, Inner Alchemy. I am passionate about clay and the way it can bring people together. I believe strongly in energetic connections and my hope is that when you buy a piece of work from me that you can feel the energy I put into it. I feel extremely lucky to do what I love. My work is an extension of me and it varies and evolves with the changing seasons of life.
Why Bare Minimum?
 I chose "Bare Minimum" as my name because for me, the raw element of the clay is the showcase. I want the bare clay to be what catches the eye and draws people in. I try to use glazes that reflect colors in the natural world. On top of that, I am drawn to eclectic minimalist styles and designs. I love clean lines and pops of color.