Care Instructions

Bare Minimum Ceramics is intended for everyday use and to celebrate the beauty of functional art! 

Pottery can last multiple lifetimes if taken proper care of

For functional goods like mugs/kitchenware

    • Dishwasher safe, however I highly recommend hand washing as much as you can
    • Microwave safe unless stated otherwise. Microwave in 30 second intervals to prevent thermal shock
    • Avoid sudden temperature changes, thermal shock can cause pottery to crack or break
    • All pieces are made with food safe glazes unless stated otherwise


For Smoke-ware:

  • Clean as you would any glass or silicon smoke-ware: with salt & isopropyl-- feel free to email with any questions


For Incense Burners

  • Clean with hot soapy water
  • If it's really dirty you can let it soak for a few hours
  • ***Do not leave incense burners unattended. Make sure any flames are put out before you place mushroom on top