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Bare Minimum Ceramics

"Functional Vase"

"Functional Vase"

Wheel thrown water pipe (b0ng) in white speckled clay & ocean glaze.

She stands about 10" tall

These beautiful "functional vases" are a labor of time & love. Each one made with so much heart & intention and were really made with the idea that you can use them as a vase when not being used for other activities. 


All b0ngs are glazed internally with food safe glazes making them completely safe & functional
If cared for properly, these pieces can last a lifetime!
Care Instructions: 
Cleaning ceramic smoke-ware is the same as cleaning glass smoke-ware
You'll need isopropyl alcohol & coarse salt
Fill pipe or b0ng with salt and isopropyl, give a good shake for 30 or so seconds and then drain. For downstem/bowl: place in ziplock baggy and fill with salt and isopropyl. Repeat as needed and finish by running cold water though the piece

These water pipes are intended for tobacco use only. By purchasing this ceramic pipe you agree & confirm that you are of legal age, or older, to purchase tobacco pipes in your state. Buyer must be at least 18 years or older to purchase. Buyer is solely responsible for knowing and duly abiding by their local laws in purchasing and in use of this product.

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All products are food safe unless stated otherwise

Microwave & Dishwasher safe however, i do recommend handwashing

please know that every piece is made by hand with intention & care

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