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**with every "love you" mug that is purchased from here on out, $5 will be donated to organizations that help promote advocacy, support, education, & safe access to mental health care**
As you may know, I have been making "love you" mugs for quite some time. In fact, the "love you" mugs were some of my first items EVER sold. This was the product that launched my business!
I wanted to take a second to remind you why I started making these mugs in the first place.
You see, I'm not much of a words person in terms of expressing love & I'm not great at showing affection. So, I ended up creating this mug so that it could be a subtle, yet impactful, reminder for the people I love.
A reminder that even though I may not say it, even though I may not be around, even though I may not show it all the time, that I love you
And a big hope of mine is that when you use a "love you" mug that you can feel the love that it was created with. That you can feel the love from the person who gifted it to you. That you can feel the love of someone you miss or someone you hold dearly. That you can feel the love.
Because life is rough sometimes and we all need the subtle reminders of love.

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