Collection: "March Madness"

Starting in February, I made a deal with myself that throughout the course of the year, each month I will make a playlist of songs that are speaking to me & then use the music to guide me in making unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Music is a huge part of my life. It's always been a way for me to get out of my head. An escape. A way to feel something; anything. A way to connect. A reason to move, get up, jump around.
To go into creating a piece with zero plan. Letting the music be my guide to what my hands create. So each week during the month, I've been blocking off time to specifically dedicate to this project. The only intention is to create with music as my guide.
These are the pieces that have come to fruition during the month of March. You don't have to like or love them. The whole point of me doing this is so that I can just create. That's it. You see, I'm really good at convincing myself that stuff like this doesn't matter. It's not what "sells". It's random.
But I'm saying fuck it. Because sometimes it doesn't matter if the art sells. What really matters is how it was created. The emotions that were felt while creating. And I have the beautiful privilege of doing this. Of creating art from a place of no judgement. A place where it's just me, the music, & my art.
Some of these pieces have deep meaning & some don't. Each piece is one of kind, unlikely that they will be repeated. That's the whole point.
If you're interested in giving the playlist a listen here is the link:

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